Autumn Equinox

Join me, as we come into Fall with 108 Sun Salutations. Trust me, you CAN do it and your sense of accomplishment will be the perfect way to start the season of letting go.

4 Reasons…

I circled four reasons why I should never share this photo with the world. After a lovely hike with my guy and some friends and a soak in the hotsprings, I wanted to do yoga in the river. So, photos of said yoga commenced. When I saw the photos I was appalled. How could IContinue reading “4 Reasons…”

March Yoga Goals!

March Yoga Goals 20 Minutes a Day for 20 Days Every morning from March 8-27 you will receive a link to a 20 minute yoga practice.  Your link will be live for 72 hours (last class will be accessible through March 30th).  There will be a *bonus* live class, March 31st at 6:30pm central. SignContinue reading “March Yoga Goals!”

Create Lasting Change

Create Lasting Change As we embark on a new year it is very easy to set lofty goals and determine that THIS IS OUR YEAR. And then after a couple of weeks, our lives take over and we are left feeling disappointed in ourselves for not staying the course. For not crushing each and everyContinue reading “Create Lasting Change”