Private Yoga FAQs

Where does yoga take place?

I come to your house. We do not need as much space as you might think. Somewhere quiet with about 6×3 feet. 

What do I need?

If you have a yoga mat, great. If not, I have a disinfected mat for you. I bring yoga blocks and a strap with me (unless you have your own). If you are agreeable, I bring essential oils or we can diffuse your own. 

What if I have pets?

I love animals. Normally, after a few minutes they lose interest and will leave us alone. If they don’t, we can accommodate accordingly. 

What does a session look like?

Because this is 100% personalized, we will create a yoga coaching plan. This might include weekly goal setting, meditation, physical practice, and a general life approach discussion. 

How many people can attend?

This session is for you. If on occasion you want to invite your partner or a friend to see what you are up to, I am happy to make space for them.

How to get started:

Send me an email. We will schedule a 10-20 minute call or Zoom introduction. We will discuss your needs and get to know one another. Then we schedule a free 30 session. This session is a shorter version of the usual hour we would schedule. Then we sign a commitment form and liability waiver. 

First Session: 

Payment for 50% of the first hour is collected at the introductory session. Once we have our first session you determine your schedule (weekly, bi weekly, etc.) Payment for the first session is due and half payment for the next series (I typically book monthly, but we can do what works best for you). 


If you reschedule prior to 48 hours out, we will find a mutually agreed upon new time. If you reschedule within 48 hours, I keep the 50% deposit and full payment will be due for that session at the time of the rebook. If you need to cancel last minute, I keep 100% of the class fee. Please note, I know life happens and things come up, however, my time (and expertise) is my product and I have taken time to prepare for your practice. I cannot book another client last minute in your time spot.

If I need to reschedule prior to 48 hours out, we will find a mutually agreed upon new time. If I need to reschedule within 48 hours, the session is 50% the set rate. If I need to cancel last minute, your next session is on me and your deposits will go towards future classes.