New Moon Newsletter

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Megan here with your New Moon breakdown to help get you on track to living an intentional life.

From the October New Moon Newsletter

Tree Pose

Journal Prompts

What is one thing that helps me feel nourished? (When we are nourished we are in balance with ourselves)

What is one relationship that needs commitment from me to bring healing? (When we have strife we are our of alignment)

How do I know when I am out of balance? (If we don’t know, we can’t work on it)


Spirit/God/Universe, I ask you to help bring me into the rhythm of the seasons. Bless me with the ability to learn to nourish my soul and body with that which brings me healing and love. I invite in a stable relationship with myself so that I may bring my sense of balance to the relationships outside of myself. And so it is. And so it is. And so it is.

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