Solfeggio Frequency

If you are a child of the 80’s you might remember the Gregorian Monk chants that took over the cassette tape industry.  People didn’t understand why they loved it so much they just knew it made them feel better. Well, turns out there is some science to the hippie ways. 

Dr. Joseph Puleo re-discovered that sound frequencies and tones can have healing effects on the body.  He used mathematical numeral reduction to identify six measurable tones that bring the body back into balance and aid in healing.  It just so happens that centuries old Gregorian Monk chants happen to be at these healing frequencies. 

Dr. Glen Rein has done extensive research on music and UV light absorption. Here is a list of his articles.  

 In 1952, German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann mathematically documented the electromagnetic resonances existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere—the electrically charged part of the Earth’s atmosphere. Schumann discovered that these electromagnetic waves, originating from discharges of lightening, resonated at a low frequency ranging between 7.86 Hz to 8 Hz. He determined that this frequency was, in essence, the Earth’s heartbeat. It has since been coined the Schumann resonance after its founder.* 

Each chakra has an associated frequency and therefore our emotional well-being has the opportunity to become balanced via music. 

When I am living my anxiety life (I, personally, identify with a ten point scale to self-check my anxiety). When I am over a 7 (which, frankly, I should start helping myself well before that but…) I sleep with Solfeggio music. YouTube has hours and hours of this music free. It is magical and I am grateful for those producing this healing music. 

When I am preparing to teach a class I listen to various frequencies to help unlock my creativity and open me up to what Creator wants me to share with you. You can imagine the difficulty in creating a virtual class without knowing your energy and needs. This is why I ask you to tell me what you need. It is important to me to give you more than a work out. 

If you want more information on the frequencies and the history of how humans have inherently known to use them check out this link.

Hopefully you can give YouTube a quick search and figure out how to help make your life and health more balanced by simply listening. 

Love you all,


Ujjayi Breath

Pranayam is breath.  Prana is also our life force and a link to our soul. Pranayam is also one of the 8 limbs of yoga.  We can extend and restrain our life force through our breath. 

When we practice physical yoga our breath can really help us in a physical pose. Our breath can help us relax into a pose or dive deeper into a pose. 

In the 8 limbs of yoga, prana is the 4th limb. You can sit and intentionally breath and be living yoga. 

Ujjayi is  one type of pranayama. Based on your yogic school of belief determines how many “types” of pranayama exist. For the sake of most of my practices here, ujjayi will be most helpful to master.  We use this breath to create internal fire and focus the mind. By focusing on our breath we have little time to focus on the thoughts that pop up.  Pranayama is a great practice for meditation.

My First Obsession (White Light Therapy)

I will be very honest, I do not know the history of this type of meditation.  What I do know, I was a very anxious child and my mom taught me this technique to help me calm down.

The goal of the meditation is to remind us that we are in God’s (the Universe, etc) light. By actively inviting in this light and releasing our fear, pain, anxiety we come back into balance.

Begin seated or lying down. I personally prefer all my meditations reclined because holding up my head is too much work when I am trying to relax. 

Start by becoming aware of your breath. 

Slowly begin to deepen your inhales and exhales. No specific count is needed just what feels good. 

Bring your awareness to the crown of your head. Keep your awareness here until you begin to feel warmth or tingling at that point. Once you physically feel your activation beginning invite in a warm white light. 

The white light can be God’s love , the heart of the Creator, the pulse of the Universe. Essentially, you are welcoming pure unconditional love with every inhale and dropping any fear, anxiety, sickness with every exhale. 

I work my way from the crown of my head down to my toes saying things like:

“a warm white light of love is washing over my face”

“unconditional love and healing fills my belly”

If I know I have something to let go of, I give it a color and texture and invite it to leave through the soles of my feet and return to the Earth to be re-created as love. 

“the sticky, black anxiety about finances leaves my body through my feet to return to the earth and be re-born as love”

You get the drift. Based on my stress or sickness I might spend more time on a certain body part. 

“the sickness of asthma leaves my body and return to healthy breathing is filling  my lungs as a warm white healing light”

I do a final wash over my body envisioning the warm white light shining out of my skin until my being is as close to Creator as possible.

Then I spend a few breaths enjoying this new sense of calm. 

This can also be done with a golden, radiating light. 

Each chakra can be addressed allowing for a total consumption of white light. YOU ARE GOD’S LOVE! If you are religious we believe we are created in God’s image and therefore capable of unconditional love. This meditation/therapy is meant to bring us back to that love. 

I hope this helps you return to balance and love. 

Much love, 


Helpful links:

My Newest Obsession (Coherent Breathing)

If you know me at all you know I love Yoga Nidra and White Light Meditation. I love 4 count breathing (or square breathing) and I am a believer of the power of Solfeggio frequency music.  (No worries if none of that made sense, I will be getting you more info on them soon). 

But, my current love is Coherent Breathing.  The focus is on a specific breathing pattern that allows for the greatest balance within the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The brain child of Stephen Elliott, this breathing pattern has been studied since 2013 and some interesting research can be found here.

There is a lot of science and information about it but I am a big fan of just trying things out. Especially breath work. It’s free and is unlikely to hurt you. If you feel like you need more air, breathe. If you feel light headed, take a moment in your natural breath and jump back in. As an asthmatic, I understand needing to know I am in control of my oxygen intake. So you do what works for you. 

To begin this practice start by simply laying down or taking an easy seat.  The long term goal is to breathe at a rate of five breaths per minute. You may have to work up to this 6 count breath. I typically start by inhaling for four counts, pausing, then exhaling for four counts, pausing, then repeat. I do this a couple times then up my count until I reach the count of six.  That’s it. Really. But the benefits are many. 

Ideally, you want to do this type of breath for up to 20 minutes a day.  Maybe trade your meditation for this breath work for a week and see how you feel.  Or start with 5 minutes before you hop out of bed in the morning. Do what you can and make space for not being the perfect Coherent Breather on the planet. 

There is some available music to help you breath in rhythm so you don’t have to focus on counting so much.  I find this helpful and put the timer on so I can dial into my breath and not focus on anything else until the bell rings me back to the day. 

For more information check out the New York Times discussion as well.  

Check it out, try it on, and let me know your thoughts!

Much love, 


Four Reasons

I circled four reasons why I should never share this photo with the world.

After a lovely hike with my guy and some friends and a soak in the hotsprings, I wanted to do yoga in the river. So, photos of said yoga commenced.

When I saw the photos I was appalled. How could I ever post these? More than that, who let me wear a swimsuit?

I was sad. Very sad. Even with years of yoga and months of hiking I’m still riddled with cellulite and chubby. 🙁

I circled for you the four main areas of immediate concern. So you can see what concerns me (I’m sure you’ll have your own concerns).

But I just kept thinking, it was such a hard pose to hold in the water why didn’t my work shine through instead of my failures?

Then it hit me, I can tell you about the work that the photo doesn’t show. Instead of four reasons why not to post this pic here are four reasons why I’m proud of it.

1. Taking a hike down a random trail with people I care about sums up my sense of life perfectly. We never know where a road will lead unless we follow it and we can get anywhere with the help of those we love.

2. Wearing a swimsuit boldly in a body over a size four is profound (and really every woman I know sees flaws, so size really isn’t the barrier here). It’s the mere act of being happy in the body we currently possess and that is radical. So my posting this is my way of being happy that my thicc legs hiked my belly…err body to this magical river point.

3. It’s damn hard to balance on one leg, on river rocks, in ice cold water. Drishti (focus) is easy when you focus on one point but what about when water is rushing over that one point? It’s disorienting AF. But, I did it. Even when difficult, our focus is vital to success.

4. No one else gives a damn what I look like. We are all so self-involved that we care about what WE look like. It’s just like yoga practice in a group setting. No one else is judging you because we are all too busy judging ourselves (online trolls excluded from this thought).

How many photos have you deleted because you weren’t perfect in them? How many photos have you not taken because you weren’t “ready?” How much of your life is not documented because you are judging where you are?

I invite you to join me in finding four reasons why you will post a photo that will spark your inner bravery! Add the #YogaWithMeganG so I can bear witness to your adventure in self love!

As always, Namaste my loves!