I am here to help you stay the course. It can be hard to start or maintain a yoga practice. Other things start to take precedent, sleeping in a bit more or going to happy hour. Then all of a sudden it has been two weeks since you came home to your mat.

So, I have created a little January re-do program.


21 is 21 days of live content (that you can access on demand too). Each practice will be roughly 21 minutes and meant to help you start your day with intention. And I am doing this for you, at a very reasonable rate of $21 for the entire program. Actually, let’s be honest, a drop in at most studios is more than that. So, I am doing all I can to remove the barriers to your practice.

Each day we will focus on an area of the body and each week we will build on that area. Example, Monday will be low back. Week one will be an ease into low back but by week three we will be delving deeper into that muscle group.

The virtual program will be taking a different turn. I will be ending my relationship with Patreon and focusing on building YouTube accessible content. Therefore, in order to receive the On Demand content (this is not the same as the morning live class), you will need to subscribe to my YouTube channel to access the content. At this point, I do not have an easy link to share with you here so, upon registering for 21 you will receive a link in your confirmation email.

Click HERE to direct Sign up!

Link not working? You can also:
Email EveryBodyYogaWithMegan@gmail.com with 21 in the Subject. Give me your name and PayPal or Venmo information. An invoice will be sent. Upon Payment you will receive an email confirmation and the link to YouTube. Each morning, a ZOOM link will be sent for the live stream class.

Published by Megan Graham

I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for a decade. I am passionate about how the practice of yoga can help one live.

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