Mudras are asana for the hands that impact our greater well-being. Many different disciplines use these mudras for their various purposes. Based on who you ask there are up to about 400 different hand asanas.The term Mudra means to “seal,” “mark,” or “gesture.” Each hand placement can be used to impact a yoga asana more deeply or to help your meditation practice with a specific intention.Lam is the most commonly seen mudra and impacts our root chakra. This gesture is made by placing the index finger and thumb together. Some people press their nail into the thumb or press fingertip into fingertip.This mudra is said to help increase focus and decrease stress, anger, and depression.The next time you are stressed, try sitting at your desk with this mudra, with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Perhaps even set a timer. Focus on your breath, your hands, and nothing else.

More Mudra fun to follow. 😊

Lam Mudra

Published by Megan Graham

I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for a decade. I am passionate about how the practice of yoga can help one live.

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