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If you are a child of the 80’s you might remember the Gregorian Monk chants that took over the cassette tape industry.  People didn’t understand why they loved it so much they just knew it made them feel better. Well, turns out there is some science to the hippie ways. 

Dr. Joseph Puleo re-discovered that sound frequencies and tones can have healing effects on the body.  He used mathematical numeral reduction to identify six measurable tones that bring the body back into balance and aid in healing.  It just so happens that centuries old Gregorian Monk chants happen to be at these healing frequencies. 

Dr. Glen Rein has done extensive research on music and UV light absorption. Here is a list of his articles.  

 In 1952, German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann mathematically documented the electromagnetic resonances existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere—the electrically charged part of the Earth’s atmosphere. Schumann discovered that these electromagnetic waves, originating from discharges of lightening, resonated at a low frequency ranging between 7.86 Hz to 8 Hz. He determined that this frequency was, in essence, the Earth’s heartbeat. It has since been coined the Schumann resonance after its founder.* 

Each chakra has an associated frequency and therefore our emotional well-being has the opportunity to become balanced via music. 

When I am living my anxiety life (I, personally, identify with a ten point scale to self-check my anxiety). When I am over a 7 (which, frankly, I should start helping myself well before that but…) I sleep with Solfeggio music. YouTube has hours and hours of this music free. It is magical and I am grateful for those producing this healing music. 

When I am preparing to teach a class I listen to various frequencies to help unlock my creativity and open me up to what Creator wants me to share with you. You can imagine the difficulty in creating a virtual class without knowing your energy and needs. This is why I ask you to tell me what you need. It is important to me to give you more than a work out. 

If you want more information on the frequencies and the history of how humans have inherently known to use them check out this link.

Hopefully you can give YouTube a quick search and figure out how to help make your life and health more balanced by simply listening. 

Love you all,


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I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for a decade. I am passionate about how the practice of yoga can help one live.

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