My First Obsession (White Light Therapy)

I will be very honest, I do not know the history of this type of meditation.  What I do know, I was a very anxious child and my mom taught me this technique to help me calm down.

The goal of the meditation is to remind us that we are in God’s (the Universe, etc) light. By actively inviting in this light and releasing our fear, pain, anxiety we come back into balance.

Begin seated or lying down. I personally prefer all my meditations reclined because holding up my head is too much work when I am trying to relax. 

Start by becoming aware of your breath. 

Slowly begin to deepen your inhales and exhales. No specific count is needed just what feels good. 

Bring your awareness to the crown of your head. Keep your awareness here until you begin to feel warmth or tingling at that point. Once you physically feel your activation beginning invite in a warm white light. 

The white light can be God’s love , the heart of the Creator, the pulse of the Universe. Essentially, you are welcoming pure unconditional love with every inhale and dropping any fear, anxiety, sickness with every exhale. 

I work my way from the crown of my head down to my toes saying things like:

“a warm white light of love is washing over my face”

“unconditional love and healing fills my belly”

If I know I have something to let go of, I give it a color and texture and invite it to leave through the soles of my feet and return to the Earth to be re-created as love. 

“the sticky, black anxiety about finances leaves my body through my feet to return to the earth and be re-born as love”

You get the drift. Based on my stress or sickness I might spend more time on a certain body part. 

“the sickness of asthma leaves my body and return to healthy breathing is filling  my lungs as a warm white healing light”

I do a final wash over my body envisioning the warm white light shining out of my skin until my being is as close to Creator as possible.

Then I spend a few breaths enjoying this new sense of calm. 

This can also be done with a golden, radiating light. 

Each chakra can be addressed allowing for a total consumption of white light. YOU ARE GOD’S LOVE! If you are religious we believe we are created in God’s image and therefore capable of unconditional love. This meditation/therapy is meant to bring us back to that love. 

I hope this helps you return to balance and love. 

Much love, 


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