Yoga For Every Body

Hi, my name is Megan and I have been practicing yoga for almost 25 years and teaching for almost a decade. I am passionate about how the practice of yoga can help you live.

For my Online Quick Class Yogis:
A virtual approach to a 20-minute physical yoga practice and an introduction to guided meditation. All skill level classes that include dynamic and static stretches that help calm the nervous system and bring a break to the constant fight/flight/stay cycle many Americans experience. This series is great for a busy person trying to balance it all.

For my Yoga Coaching Yogis:
A complimentary approach to yoga, one where we decompress your current life events, then move/breathe/meditate in a way to support what your body needs to handle today’s specific stressor. This is a semi-therapeutic process; combining the tools of yoga asana, guided meditation, breath work, and tools to help you stay in this calmer space until your next session. This practice is completely individualized to your needs.

You will benefit if you are/have:
Acute Pain
Chronic Pain
Busy Lifestyle

Have more questions?
Feel free to reach out or visit my glossary of terms!